"We always enjoy the Cheers for the Holidays competition.  It is a warm, non-threatening environment for ANY level team to begin their year.  I know if issues of any kind arise, for example an ill or injured cheerleader, a uniform problem, etc. 
I can count on Dawn and her staff to handle them in a fair and supportive way.  This competition has also consistently been a favorite of my team members and parents.  I’d recommend this event to teams of all ages and all divisions."   
Lisa Wheeler
Pikeville Jr. High, Pikeville Elementary, and Pikeville Elementary Twinkles

"We have tremendously enjoyed being a part of the Cheers! For the Holidays competition. The facilities are very nice and the competition is professionally staffed and run. Comments from the judges allowed us to understand and use the scoring to improve our routines. Ms. Walters is an excellent manager and makes all the teams feel very welcome. We can’t wait to participate in the excitement again this year! "
Lisa Ann Winfrey 
Anderson County High School Dance


       "I have attended CHEERS! for the Holidays for 5 years!  Every year my dance team and I look forward to this competition!  It is always our first competition of the year and it is a very good starting point for all my new dancers!  The event is very well ran, fun, exciting, and enjoyable for all!  I encourage a lot of my own family members and co-workers to attend and support my girls at this competition because I know that it is a great competition for the fans! "  

"I've known Dawn since my high school days when she was choreographing my cheerleading dances, she had a great spirit about her then and she hasn't lost one bit of now!  I was never so excited to learn that Dawn was the individual in charge of this competition 5yrs ago!  I have enjoyed this competition every year!"
Jaci Taylor
 Former coach: Clark Middle School Dance Team, Winchester, KY