*HIP HOP DIVISION-Variety of funk, hip-hop, and street styles with tempo variations (ex: pop and lock techniques, break dancing, high energy cheer dance).  Emphasis on execution, style, control, creativity, body isolation, rhythm and uniformity.  Additional focus on athletic technical skills such as jumps, jump variations, combo jumps and other tricks/illusions.  Technical skills (ex: pirouettes/leaps) will not be credited in this category.  

*POM DIVISION- Emphasis on uniformity and utilization of strong/sharp pom motions/arm placement, as well as groundwork and level changes for visual effect.  ¾ of the routine must be executed with poms.  

*JAZZ DIVISION- Combination of dance movements with an emphasis on body placement, style, control, extension and uniformity. Technical skills (ex: pirouettes/leaps) will be credited in this category.

*PROP DIVISION- Any routine with hand held props or stage props.  No backdrops will be permitted.  

*KICK DIVISION- Emphasis on variety of kick series, control, uniformity of height, timing, toe points and team stamina. ¾ of the routine must incorporate kick patterns.   

*TEAM PERFORMANCE- Routines must clearly encompass four styles of dance: Jazz/Pom/Hip-Hop/Kick.  Poms do not have to be used. 

OPEN DIVISION- Any style of dance may be performed. The time limit in this division is 3 min.

STEP DIVISION- Military/fraternal movements executed with a high level of precision and sharpness. The time limit in this division is 3 min.

​* FIGHT SONG- Traditional fight song performed to fight song music.  May include standing tumbling and or jumps.  Running tumbling and lifts are prohibited. (Open to school and rec teams)

TIME OUT DANCE- A Dance routine that would be performed at a time out of a ball game.  Time limit cannot exceed 1:15 (Open to school and rec teams)

*All dance teams will perform a routine no longer than 2 ½ minutes consisting of all music. (exception: OPEN DIV. & STEP DIV. )   Need to have at least 4 members. If you enter 2 routines, then $25 entry fee for 1st routine, $15 for the 2nd routine and $10.00 entry fee per participant for 3rd routine. This does not apply to Solos, group stunts, duets, trios or Dance Leaders.

1.  All school teams must consist of official members governed by their school and school district.  SUBSTITUTIONS may be made in the event of an injury or other serious circumstance. However, all substitutions must be pre-approved by CHEERS! Inc.
2.  One representative from your group will be responsible for running your music during the competition.  This person is required to stay at the sound table for the team’s entire performance.  You can use CDs or  Iphone-- please make sure your phone case is off and bring a dongle/adapter so it can be plugged in) In the event that your routine is interrupted due to failure of the Cheers! Inc. equipment, you may restart your routine.  If the interruption is the result of your equipment, supplies, personnel or injury, you may either continue the routine from the interruption or withdraw from the competition.  
3.  Routines and music must be appropriate for family viewing.  Any vulgar or suggestive movements, words, or music may result in a deduction.
4.  Poor sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated from performers, coaches, or parents.  This can result in not only a deduction, but a complete withdrawal from the competition with no fees returned.  Please discuss the importance of good sportsmanship with your participants and your parents before the competition.  LET’S HAVE FUN AND NOT RUIN THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT!!!!  
5.  All participants must submit a signed waiver form prior to performing, NO EXCEPTIONS! 

SAFETY GUIDELINES (Schools will follow the KHSAA guidelines and Allstars will follow the USASF guidelines)


  Hip Hop
 Team Performance
    Time Out Dance 
Fight Song

CHEERS! Inc. reserves the right to open, close or combine divisions prior to the competition
          Great registration fees:
$25.00 per dancer for the 1st routine, $15 for the 2nd, and an additional $10 per dancer for each additional division entered. (i.e. enter Pom, Hip Hop and Fight Song routine for $50 per dancer)