1.  One representative from your group will be responsible for running your music during the competition.  This person is required to stay at the sound table for the team’s entire performance.  Bring two CDs of your music.  In the event that your routine is interrupted due to failure of the Cheers! Inc. equipment, you may restart your routine.  If the interruption is the result of your equipment, supplies, personnel or injury, you may either continue the routine from the interruption or withdraw from the competition.  
2.  Routines and music must be appropriate for family viewing.  Any vulgar or suggestive movements, words, or music may result in a deduction.
3.  Poor sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated from performers, coaches, or parents.  This can result in not only a deduction, but a complete withdrawal from the competition with no fees returned.  Please discuss the importance of good sportsmanship with your participants and your parents before the competition.  LET’S HAVE FUN AND NOT RUIN THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT!!!!  
4.  All participants must submit a signed waiver form prior to performing, NO EXCEPTIONS! 

All*Stars will be following the  
USASF Age Division, Safety Rules, and Level Performance Guidelines
 please check 

  We will follow the last updated set of rules prior to the event.